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Covid 19

We provide herbal remedies for the prevention of Corona virus

Our traditional remedy will boost increase your antibodies which will help you stay healthy and fit to prevent getting the deadly Corona virus

Ingredients : Blackseed ,turmeric,nutmeg, ginger, Etc.

Note : This is not a curing solution for the covid patients but a natural remedy which should be considered as a natural precautionary solution by means of keeping the body with high level of antibodies to fight aganisnt any viruses in general

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About Us

So, as a human being, we decided to expand our unique tastes to the world. Ceylon Spice grinding mill & Sales is the begging to spread these Sri Lanka’s special spices around the world. Our products are widely known in Sri Lanka, especially in central province. We collect very good quality spices from all over the country and prepare those to useable for our loyal customers. We provide medically and healthy products to please the customers’ food desires in verity of spices. We never use any types of colouring, chemicals, and other essence to keep our products expansion of expiry. We always give the best for our customers and that’s how we respond to their tastes.

Currently we are located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Which is known for its unique home garden or the spice garden in history. So we are very experienced in this field. As we started production for last five years, we’ve gained large group of people who are very interested in our products. The trust of our customers made us grow this long in the Sri Lankan spices market. Currently we provide 2 types of services for our customers; our regular products and ordered products, for those who request us for special spices.

Mission : We Respond to your taste.
Providing our customers to taste the natural spices which adds aroma to the food and curry

Vision : To Make Ceylon Spice Grinding Mill as the most trustworthy business which provides all kinds of natural spices beyond country boundries of its origin


and every living things, have their own special ability to live in this word. But human got very special abilities, more than all of them. This is because he has his 6th sense to think above other living things. Human have achieved many stages in other senses from this 6th sense. Such as sight, smell, taste, etc.

In early days, human have been eating only for the hunger, but over time he started to eat to full fill their sense of taste too. He had all of these ingredients from his nature and he used it naturally. Sometimes these ingredients were used as medicine too. Evolution of these ingredients become as todays spices.

Sense of taste and smell have big part in the food that human consume. Spices full fill that needs of those sense. As well as Sri Lankan spices were very well known all over the world for its quality, from the ancient times. Although there are many types of spices used around the world but Sri Lankan spices are in standard level above all of them. This is because country’s unique location in India oceans tropical nature.

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Our Production process

Our production processes through three stages.

1. Pre-production : collecting the high quality of the spices within the selected areas for selected spices.

2. Production : Recheck quality of the spices, prepare for preservation by natural preservation methods and grinding the needed spices from our machineries within our production centre.

3. Post production : prepare and maintaining the quality of the products for packing, And pack those products in to a high quality packing

Our Products

I have started a home based online business. It’s a spice mix made by my family! We make it at home, ingredients are well cleaned and packed. All the spices and herbs used are of high quality and it’s washed and dried well. Even the dried chillies used for the mixture is cleaned well with coconut as it can’t be washed. All the ingredients are individually stirred well in a pan to get the taste and aroma. It’s 100% natural, hygienic and no preservatives added.

Free delivery can be arranged within Colombo suburbs. I have especially made this for world wide It’s a great spice mix that can be substituted for chili powder. Just 2 tablespoons is enough for a nice thick curry. Anybody who buys this once will never hesitate to buy again. The curries will be so yummy and it will give a nice flavour.

Garlic Powder / Paste

සුදු ලූණු

Mustard Seeds / Paste


Turmeric / Powder

Coriander Seeds / Powder

Ginger powder/paste

Nutmeg /powder

Pandan Leaf


Clove / Powder

Cinnamon Stick / Powder

Cardamom Seeds / Powder

Chillie powder / Flakes

Star Anise

Fenugreek Seeds


Paprika Powder

Cumin Seeds / Powder

Curry Leaves /Powder

Tea Products

Black Pepper

White Pepper / powder

Curry Powder

Maldive Fish Flakes

Masala Mix

Biriyani Powder

Coffee Powder

Cinnamon Coffee Powder

Qahwa coffee Powder

Ginger coffee powder

Kurakkan Flour

Kithul Flour

Urad Flour

Rice Flour

Gram Flour

CSGM Premium products



Al Kabsa with a fresh mixed cucumber, carrot, lettuce, and tomato salad - preferably with a little lime vinaigrette.

rice and curry

Rice and Curry

dial up the curry flavour with a few extra spices – cumin, coriander and paprika, plus chilli powder for spiciness

Kahwa coffee

Qahwa coffee

Qahwa is a traditional Arabic Coffee Recipe that is most popular Arabian cuisine. Green coffee beans ground, cardamom

herbal tea

Herbal tea

Herbal teas have been around for centuries it has Black tea powder, lemon grass, mint leaves, basil leaves, ginger


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